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Consultancy and Advisory Services

We also provide consultancy and advisor services in relation to all or any matter related to any type of insolvency process under the code to any person:

  1. Filing and defending of any Applications which may be filed by the company or against the company with NCLT/ NCLAT.

  2. To assist the Financial as well as Operational Creditors to assess the feasibility of initiating Insolvency Resolution Process against any debtor.

  3. To assist any person under resolution process in viability study of his business and formulate an appropriate revival plan after considering different options available.

  4. Representing the borrower in any meeting, conference and discussion with the Insolvency Professional on the resolution plan and making the necessary changes as suggested therein.

  5. To assist in negotiating with bankers during resolution plan period and devise best possible solution to overcome financial stress

  6. To assist the Borrower in finding out the root cause of sickness/financial stress and to find out ways and means to improve the working of the unit

  7. Analyzing the financial statements of the company for the last 3 years and prepare business plan for future operations of the company

  8. Assist the borrower in formulating appropriate management plan during the implementation of Resolution Plan

  9. Conferences, consultations, legal opinions and advice etc. with respect to any issues relating to proceeding under the code

  10. Assisting the client in all correspondences with the Lenders, operational creditors, Committee of Creditors, NCLT, NCLAT and IBBI

  11. Assisting the Company in evolving strategy from Legal/ financial point of view in the meeting of Committee of Creditor/ various other similar meeting with creditors

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